Who or what is InTempest?

A very good question, im glad you asked.

My name InTempest is derived from two words…

Internal= Within the Heart

Tempest= An uncontrollable storm of great potential

In-Tempest= = An uncontrollable storm of great potential,
that wages within the heart of the creative mind. Creating
in it’s wake things that have yet to be.

I am an artist of many mediums. I can see what many others
can not. While bringing to the light some things that dwell in
darkness. I use music, digital, canvas, ink, and many more to
describe what has yet to be created.

I attempt to use words as they were meant to be used. I
hold myself to the notion that the pen is mightier that the
sword because the pen can be a powerful conveyer of
truth, and this culture has lost it’s grip on what truth is.
They use words for their own ideals, and attempt to make
others believe what is not true by manipulating words to
deceive and mislead.
Words like Love, Friendship,
Forgiveness and Morality. These and many more have lost
their potency for a lack of understanding. Their over usage
has caused a fatal bleed in the heart of truth.

I don’t agree with the way things are going.


Creativity is my tool to incur change in this ever seemingly meaningless