• Polyester plush fabric is used to pull down the fabric surface with the equipment, usually polyester knitted fabrics (shaker) and cotton woven fabrics (flannel) more.
    Product namePolyester plush fabric
    Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
    A: We are trading factory with…[Read more]

  • Our Factory
    Dongguan Hongfarad Electronic Co., Ltd, after more than 10 years continuous research and development, improvement, and the metal film capacitor and aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturing industry storied, Is a first-class professional manufacturer of film capacitor, has a strong R&D center experienced technical service team, and…[Read more]

  • Description
    Name:Moon Star Curtain Light
    Luminous flux:20 LM
    Input voltage :110V / 220V
    Tail plug:YES (Multiple strings can be connected)
    Material:ABS+T copper + plastic
    Lighting mode:8 modes-
    1.Constant light mode
    2.Flash mode
    3.Blinking mode
    4.Continuous mode
    5.Wave mode
    6.Fantasy mode
    7.Extinct mode
    8.Slow…[Read more]

  • 鈻?Our History
    Since the company was founded in 2017, it has been three years, thanks to the support of our customers, we continue to expand our team and better serve our customers.
    鈻?Our Factory
    We have our own factory, which integrates production and r&d.Accept customer’s customization requirements
    鈻?Our Product
    LED security sensor light…[Read more]

  • Item No.: # SN009
    Product Details
    Antibacterial wipes travel pack
    Large, Each wipes 6 in by 8 in.
    Each pack contains 50 sheets.
    Product Advantage
    Kills 99.99% Bacteria, no alcohol
    Disinfectant & Antibacterial Solution, Sanitizer & Bacterial Reduction, Anti-Static Cleaner
    Soft material
    For external use only.
    Do not use in or contact the…[Read more]

  • Product Description
    Product Type:Digital Velvet for upholstery decoration
    Material:100% Polyester
    Feature:Feel good, classic, soft surface
    Color:Color switch or request
    Main marketMid-eastern, European, Asian and others market.
    Inspection and Shipment1.Take all the photos of the fabric in each…[Read more]

  • Our History
    In the Spring Festival of 2020, in February 2020, when the Chinese people are still celebrating the Spring Festival, a new pneumonia “plague” quietly came, then swept thecountry then all around the world.This “plague” caused by a new novel coronavirus (COVID – 19) rampant spreading, a global anti-epidemic war without the smoke sounded…[Read more]

  • Product name: Schisandra Essential Oil
    Latin name: Schisandra chinensis
    Part Used: Fruit
    Schisandra chinensis is divided into schisandra chinensis and schisandra chinensis. The quality of schisandra chinensis is better than that of schisandra chinensis. Schisandra chinensis is irregular spherical or oblate, 5~8mm in diameter. The surface is red,…[Read more]

  • Our History
    Since its establishment in 2007, Nantong Huakeli knitwear Co., Ltd. has been making steady efforts in knitting foreign trade business, ensuring both quality and quantity, striving for innovation, and constantly bringing new products to customers
    Our Factory
    Nantong Huakuli knitwear Co., LTD. Covers an area of 4000 square meters, we are…[Read more]

    We have a dream that every user have access to the most professional, the most e-co friendly, the most inexpensive BWOO communications accessories, the voice from our 1.5 billion consumers.
    We have only one conviction in mind: customer value first, every service on our honored clients from our core v…[Read more]

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